Full Immersion - custom underwater photo equipment


Hello & welcome to Full Immersion.

I design and make camera housings and accessories mainly for Underwater Photographers. I have worked on most of the popular makes of housing and have also made my own systems, from flash/strobe housings through plugs/sockets to viewfinder optics and all the way forward to dome ports (large and small) and special purpose macro ports. As well as remote triggers for strobes and cameras.

While I personally use Nikon equipment I have worked on other camera systems such as Hasselblad, Pentax, Canon and Olympus.

I began taking pictures Underwater in 1983 with the Nikonos system, progressing to Pentax and Nikon film cameras. Since 1993 when I won my 1st major National competition, I have continued to have success in many other National and International events, including a commended in the BBC wildlife photographer of the year. I now shoot with Nikon digital cameras.

I have made or modified systems for photographers from around the world, from the UK to Australia, the US and many parts of Europe; while some are full time professionals many are enthusiasts.

Many items are custom made for particular clients needs, if you are an Underwater or extreme condition Photographer with an idea that needs a custom solution, whether something making or your system modifying, get in touch -
full at fullimmersion dot co dot uk

Look forward to hearing from you


Pete Ladell